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opeXpark Webinar #4

We have invitedDr. Toshihiro OGIWARA (Shinshu Univ.), andDr. Tomohiro INOUE (NTT Medical Center Tokyo)as speakers to hold a webinar exclusively for OPExPARK members as follows.Please register Free OPExPARK service web site, surgical case sharing service. So you can receive webinar invitation e-mail.

Webinar #4

Date: Oct. 29, 21:00-21:45 (GMT+9 Tokyo)
Speaker : Dr. Toshihiro OGIWARA (Shinshu Univ.)
1. Surgery for acromegaly in endoscopic endonasal approach using iMRI
2. Emergency tumor resection of glioblastoma in right frontal lobe
Webinar #5
Date: Nov. 6, 21:00-21:45 (GMT+9 Tokyo)
Speaker : Dr. Tomohiro INOUE (NTT Medical Center Tokyo)
1. TBD


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