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Our mission

Best surgery experience anywhere,
through the digitization
in the operating room.

Every surgeon around the world can experience surgery,
Even you are not in the operation theater!
Which is made possible by OPExPARK,
Using IoT technology by digitalizing the operation theater!

We digitize the entire operating room as it is,
and which enable the visualization of implicit information
such as surgeons' surgical strategies and intraoperative judgment.
It also provides a completely new platform for sharing information
across regional and border walls like you were in the same place.

In the future, we are expecting AI surgery and robotic surgery using data,
And expect smart hospitals and smart medical facilities.
We aim for a future where everyone in the world can receive,
Safe and secure medical treatment.

Confronting the World's Medical Challenges.

Efforts 01

Reduce the global surgical disparity
by breaking down regional and border walls.

While healthcare infrastructure is rapidly being prepared in emerging countries, but the shortage of experts in techniques is still growing. In general, the excellent surgeon can have a detailed image of the surgical process from start to finish, and there are many drawers when things outside the expected range occur.

Especially in emerging countries to increase experience and skills studying abroad is often important, and many active doctors study abroad and bring their skills back to their home countries. Through the establishment of our digital medical educational content platform, we are expecting to provide an alternative to studying aboard with Japanese technology.

Making the surgical field smarter.

Efforts 02

Providing safer and more secure treatments
by smarter surgical sites

In today's operating rooms, advanced treatments are performed using many medical devices and instruments. However, a lot of such information has been thrown away and not used. Therefore, the experience of surgery was accumulated in individuals and completed in a closed world.

We provide OPeLiNK, which is an intraoperative information fusion platform that digitizes surgery as it is, transforms it into an open world, provides access to the information needed when people need it, and supports and delivers secure treatment and peace of mind to patients through it.