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Company Name
Yasunori HONDA, M.D.
21th June 2019
Shinagawa ku,
Higashi Shinagawa 2-2-8,
Sphere Tower Tennozu CW 2F, Tokyo, 140-0002, JAPAN
22 People
(As of February 1, 2023)
100 Million JPY
Development and sales of Integrated Surgical Information System
Production and distribution of surgical educational contents for doctors


  • President and Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O)Yasunori HONDA (M.D.)

    He graduated from Shinshu University School of Medicine and started clinical practice at The Japanese Red Cross Medical Center. There, he serves as a gastroenterologist and endoscopist and is involved in the medical care of many patients. After that, he joined Roland Berger, Europe's largest strategic consulting firm, and experienced consulting in the healthcare field, including medium to long-term strategy planning for pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers. He has been in his current position since 2019. Even now, he continues to work as an endoscopist once a week and serve in the medical field.

  • Chief Technical Officer (C.T.O.)Shigeyuki SUZUKI, PhD.

    Graduated from Waseda University Graduate School of Science and Engineering in 2001.He obtained his Ph.D. in Engineering from Waseda University in 2005.Since 2001, he has been a teaching assistant and an assistant professor at The Jikei University School of Medicine, Tokyo, and he started to work at the Institute of High-Dimensional Medical Imaging Engineering. Before starting his current position in 2019, he worked for 3D Incorporated since 2008 as a section manager. He specializes in medical XR, medical image processing, haptics, and medical ICT software and system development.

  • Executive AdvisorKazuhiro HONGO, M.D, Ph.D. (Medicine)

    Graduated from Shinshu University School of Medicine in 1978. In 2003, he served as a professor of neurosurgery at Shinshu University, School of Medicine, later he becomes a director and vice president of Shinshu University and director of the University Hospital in 2014. Since 2019, he has become an emeritus professor at Shinshu University and Director of Ina General Hospital. He has been involved in the development of OPeLiNK since 2014, and in 2019, he performed remote support surgery using OPeLiNK. With the founding of OPExPARK Inc., he strongly sympathized with the mission and became an advisor.

  • Executive AdvisorKenji OHATA, M.D, Ph.D. (Medicine)

    Having graduated from Osaka City University School of Medicine in 1980, he went on to hold various prestigious positions in the medical field. By 2006, he was appointed as a professor of neurosurgery at Osaka City University School of Medicine, and in 2016, he assumed the role of dean at the same institution. Additionally, he served as a visiting professor at Harvard University School of Medicine in 2017. Since 2020, he has held the title of emeritus professor at Osaka City University. Throughout his career, he has garnered extensive experience in surgical guidance through live surgeries abroad, including leading the world selection team as the chief surgeon in the first-ever separation surgery for conjoined twins (adults) in 2003. His expertise led him to become an advisor supporting the global founding philosophy of OPExPARK in 2021.


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