Surgical Education Platform only for Medical Doctors.

Re-experience the judgment of an intraoperation surgeon from anywhere in the world.

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Surgical education service “opeXpark”.Surgical learning service“opeXpark”.

So far, the judgement of the surgeon, which can only be obtained through real experience, now it is possible for anyone to experience it.

This service & content is for medical doctors, surgeons and medical students who want to learn about neurosurgery all over the world.

By combining all the information during surgery using a unique interface called OPeLink, it is possible to experience the judgment of the doctor during surgery and learn knowledge even if you are not there.

Features of opeXpark

  • Using high-class next generation Japanese technology
    In the field of Neurosurgery.

    Surgery performed in Smart Cyber Operation Theatre (SCOT®) using high-class next-generation Japanese technology, which is still very difficult and valuable in Japan. We carefully select and deliver such highly valuable surgeries from our platform.

  • Showing all the progress of surgery with unedited video.

    We deliver uncensored surgical videos, you can clearly see the surgical field, learn the details that you could not see before, we can meet the needs of all doctor.

  • The judgment of the surgeon can be seen in the comments.

    With OPeLink's technology, along with the surgery video, comments are made on how the doctor made the decision at that time, so it is possible to relive the experience of what reason the decision was made, even from a remote screen.

How to use

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    Check the surgeon's comments

    It is possible to chat and communicate with other doctors around the world on this platform. In addition, it is possible to discuss and share your opinion with other doctors through the comment function.

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    Screen switching of surgical equipment

    OPeLiNK integrates up to six video/image and instrument data at one time. It is possible to freely customize the information of the device that the surgeon or doctors wants to see.

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    Visualization of preoperative and postoperative conditions

    You can view pre- and post-operative DICOM images for each case. In addition, you can check information such as surgical strategy and patient's condition after surgery, not only surgical procedures but also understanding of cases can be deepened.

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    Easy to find the surgery videos you want to see

    Easy to search by keywords, surgeon name and surgeon years of experience. In addition, each video is tagged with disease name and approach method, etc. so you can easily check case and videos here before you start surgery and set strategy for surgery for your patients.


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